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            Home Health Care & Hospice Services
500 West Main Street
Mitchell, IN 47446
Phone: 812-849-4447 or 1-800-827-2219
Persons with speech/hearing disabilities please call Frontier's TRS at (800) 743-3333
Home Health Fax: 812-849-3068
Hospice Fax: 812-849-0547
Email: jeremiah@hoosieruplands.org

                                       "The Choice of Hoosier Families for Generations!"

Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care is proud to celebrate its 40th year
of serving our neighbors!

"Not all Home Care & Hospice Agencies are Created Equally"
Have you heard what our patients and their loved ones are saying about Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care & Hospice?
 "I am very pleased with my service.  I knew I would be because my husband had used their services twice and then Hospice.  Home Health by Hoosier Uplands is awesome!"
 "These nurses are the best!  Treating a person as a whole providing much mental, and emotion support, exactly what nursing is; an art."
 "I could not ask for more peace of mind from you than you give.  I would never change services."

Name Your 3 Favorite Things About Working for HUHCD:
1.  Suportive CEO, Administrator, Management, Co-Workers on smoking cessation for employees
2.  Benefit package, insurance, PL, etc
3.  Working for a company that helps patients stay in their homes and out of hospitals and nursing homes

1.  The People
2.  The People
3.  The People

1.  Everyone is really nice
2.  People don't (generally) mind working with you
3.  Clients are happier in their own homes

1.  One-on-One care with patients and families
2.  Relationships with my fellow field staff nurses and HHA's
3.  Flexibility of field nursing

1.  The Nurses
2.  The Office staff
3.  Fellow Aides

1.  Meeting new people all the time
2.  Flexibility
3.  Watching clients heal and recover

1.  The Staff
2.  The Patients
3.  Being out in the communities

1.  Good people to work with
2.  Working to make people life better

1.  Caring for patients
2.  Patient advocacy

1.  Promoting patient's ability to remain at home
2.  Flexible work hours
3.  Employees who enjoy their jobs:  helping patients! 

Name an Employee That Inspires You and Why:
Jacquie Clark: she is kind, friendly, accepting of peoples differences, flexible, helpful and optimistic.
Jacquie Clark:  she always has a smile and kind word; she is always willing to help every time I've asked for something she's helped me.  She remembers everyone.  Wears 1,000 hats!
Jacquie Clark:  because she is so nice, positive, thoughtful and caring!

Marie Cole:  inspires me because she is always smiling and upbeat.  She is a lovely caring lady.
Marie Cole:  she is raising grandkids, lost her daughter, husband has cancer and she still comes to work and is cheerful.

Mary Young:  always has something nice to say about anyone.
Mary Young:  she is always so nice and caring towards everybody she runs across.

Carol Sanders:  she's been through so much and her unfailing faith leads her in all she does.

Dr. Mosemann:  He wants good patient care given to patients and helps control pain in patients.

Who Do You Consider a Rock Star for HUHCD; and Why:
Phyllis Morris, RN

Cheryl Holland:  she values her co-workers, respectful, team player, motivational, calm and optimistic.
Cheryl Holland:  she's kind and hard working!

I consider Debbie Guthrie a Rock Star because she is very knowledgeable of HH, is always willing to help others and never complains about the amount of visits.  She is like the "energizer bunny."

I consier every employee of HH & H a Rock Star.  It takes everyone to make Hoosier Uplands the best it can be.

Jacquie Clark:  same reasons as above and too many more to list!  She is amazing and it takes a special person to do all she does with a kind heart, a stellar work ethic and consistency!  She is a true gem!
Jacquie Clark:  always helpful, always has a smile.
Jacquie Clark:  seems to wear many hats for HUHHC - she keeps all the supplies ordered that we need for our patients and organizes events and puts events together, plus other things.
Welcome To The Team:        
                    Kelli Simpson                                            Marianna Lloyd
National Association for Home Care & Hospice Annual Meeting

There were over 2,500 Home Health Care & Hospice providers at the 2015 NAHC Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee.

During this time the attendees had 90 education sessions to choose from, keynote addresses which made us up to date on regulatory issues impacting home care and hospice, the largest home care and hospice marketplace in the world, and many networking opportunities; with our peers.

           Pictured far left is Melissa Jeremiah, RN, CHCE, President of the IAHHC Board of Directors; and pictured far right is Jean McDonald, RN, BSN, MS, IAHHC Director of Regulatory Policy; along with staff of RCTC at the NAHC Annual Meeting; in the exhibit hall.   
 #1 in the Times-Mail Readership Area
Melissa Jeremiah, RN, CHCE, Director of Operations is pleased to announce that Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care & Hospice was voted #1 in the Times-Mail Newspaper Readers Choice Awards as the #1 Home Health & Hospice Agency in the readership area!

Jeremiah went on to state, "I would like to congratulate all of the staff, as we could not have received this honor without the hard work and dedication of our Excellent, Award Winning, Staff!"
Licenses & Accreditation:
Home Health Care was originally certified by the Indiana State Department of Home Health in 1977 and accredited by CHAP in 1992. Hospice was certified and accredited in 1996. CHAP and the State Department of Health make unannounced visits to assure quality standards are being met.

Home Health Care and Hospice are fully licensed by the Indiana State Department of Health, certified to provide Medicare/Medicaid services. Both also provide care through the Social Services Block Grant (SSBG), CHOICE, MAW (Medicaid Waiver), private pay, veterans administration, and commercial insurance.

CHAP Accreditation               


 Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care & Hospice were recently re-accredited by CHAP, the Community Health Accreditation Program.  To earn the CHAP "Gold Seal of Approval," Home Health Care and Hospice agencies must demonstrate they continuously strive to improve patient care.  A CHAP accredited organization meets the highest quality standards in the nation.

Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care has been accredited by CHAP since 1994.

Hoosier Uplands Hospice has been CHAP accredited since 1999.  In 2002 Hoosier Uplands Hospice became the first Deemed Status Accredited Hospice in the State of Indiana.
Home Health Care and Hospice Services

Home Health Care and Hospice are vital services, especially in the rural areas served by Hoosier Uplands. Services provided by the home care staff can prevent or shorten a hospital or nursing home stay. Home Health promotes independent living and speeds the rehabilitation and recovery process by allowing a person to recuperate in familiar home surroundings.

Hospice supports the client and family as they face the last stages of life, by offering support and comfort, primarily in the home setting, allowing dignity, self control, symptom management, and family togetherness.

Hoosier Uplands Home Health Care & Hospice is committed to providing the highest quality and most cost effective home care in its service area. Our focus is on patient satisfaction. We recognize and emphasize the critical concept of provider integration, working as a team with physicians, hospitals, nursing homes, managed care organizations, as well as public and private insurers, in order to deliver health care at home. Services are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including holidays. Outside of regular office hours the answering service contacts the RN or administrator on call.

Office Team Sitting:  Vanessa Lumley, Plan of Care Review LPN, Mandi Dersch, RN, Assistant Director, Sarah Miller, Clinical Records Manager, Lee Grimes, Volunteer Coordinator and Medical Records Manager, and Melissa Jeremiah, RN, CHCE, Director of Operations.  Standing:  Jacquie Clark, Office Manager, Lori Williams, Intake Coordinator, Marie Cole, HHA Scheduler, Shawna McDonald, Accounts Processor, Cheryl Boone, Hospice Billing/Accounts Receivable Manager, Lee Wright, Accounts Processor, Therapy Services Coordinator, Linda Fisher, RN, Hospice Patient Care Coordinator, JoDeana McNabb, Director of Accounting Services, and Carol Sanders, RN, Clinical Services Supervisor.