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Tips for Energy Conservation - Bathroom
  • Insulate hot water pipes
  • Locate water heater as close as possible to areas needing hot water to prevent dissipation of energy and to minimize heat loss.
  • Don't overheat water--140 degrees maximum is enough even for a dishwasher.
  • Turn water heater way down, or off when you will be away from home.
  • Check for leaks and drips.
  • Take short showers--baths use more water, hence more energy.
  • Don't run water while brushing teeth or shaving--use short bursts of water for rinsing.
  • Restrict shower flow to the minimum to do the job.
  • Don't use more soap than you really need, as it requires excess rinsing.
  • Fill tub only half full for bath.
**Energy Conservation Tips provided by the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration