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Tips for Energy Conservation - On The Road
  • Have car tuned regularly.
  • Keep air filters clean
  • Check tire pressure regularly--under-inflated tires waste gas.
  • Use air conditioning sparingly, if at all.
  • Don't carry excess gear. It increases weight and wastes gas.
  • Don't put baggage on top of car--it creates wind drag, thus uses more gas.
  • Buy a new car on the basis of purchase price plus operating expenses over expected life.
  • Buy a light weight car and only those accessories you really need to reduce weight and increase fuel economy.
  • Consider a manual shift, a fuel injection system and radial ply tires for less rolling friction.
  • Consider a light exterior color.
  • Save errand for one trip.
  • Combine trips with friends.
  • Schedule trips to avoid rush hour traffic.
  • Patronize one stop shopping centers.
  • Use public transportation, or join a carpool to get to work.
  • When you do drive, avoid heavily trafficked routes. 
**Energy Conservation Tips provided by the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration