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Tips for Energy Conservation - Yard, Garden, and Workshop
  • Plant shade trees on south and west sides of house, to cool in summer and protect in winter.
  • Plant shrubs around the foundation.
  • Make compost pile for fertilizing--artificial fertilizers use petroleum products.
  • Grow your own vegetables and fruit if possible.
  • Don't water if rain is forecasted in the near future.
  • Choose native plantings which are adapted to your area and don't need excessive watering or fertilizing.
  • Use a hand mower for small lawns.
  • Don't idle gas mowers for long period of time.
  • Use hand clippers and pruners.
  • Keep pool filters and strainers clean.
  • Use hand rather than power tools where possible.
  • Keep tools in top operating shape--well sharpened and lubricated.
  • Buy tools with the least horsepower adequate for the job.
**Energy Conservation Tips provided by the Indiana Family & Social Services Administration