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College Visits

  • We partner with different high schools to give their students the opportunity to visit colleges around Southern Indiana.

Summer Health Camps

  • Health Career Expo  
  1.  We have partnered with IU Health Bedford and IU Health Paoli to host our first Health Career Expo in the Fall of 2021.  This event will allow students to learn more about their desired health profession, have a chance to talk to the workforce or colleges, and learn more about the two hospitals and how they are different from each other.
  • Schneck Hospital Summer Camp                                                                                                                 
  1. All 2021 summer health camps have been canceled this year.

Class Presentation & Activities

  • We offer a variety of health presentations and student resources to present to students.  Our presentations can be modified to focus on what your student goals and needs are.

Job Shadowing

  • We offer a virtual job shadowing opportunity for high school students or teachers to utilize in their classroom.  The program allows students to log in and explore different careers to their interest, watch recorded videos of professionals discussing their career, ask questions, and much more.
For more information, please contact:
Emily Webb, Academic Success Coordinator
(812) 849-4447 ext. 358