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Scholars Program

The AHEC Scholars Program is for students studying a health profession who have an interest in serving in underserved and rural areas.  The students complete online modules and community-based experiences throughout the two year program to increase their knowledge in rural health and the six focus areas; Behavorial Health, Cultural Competency, Current and Emerging Health Issues (i.e. opioids, COVID-19), Interpersonal Education, Practice Transformation, and Social Determinants of Health.

Students are eligible for AHEC Scholars if they are studying a health profession at any degree level and are beginning the final two years of their program.  Students will receive a $1,800 stipend throughout their time as an AHEC Scholar.

Apply now at:  https://indianaahec.tfa.forms.net/f/2024_Scholars

For more information on what the program entails or how to apply, please contact:
Emily Webb
AHEC Assistant Director
(812) 849-4447


Sarah Bassett a third-year medical student at Indiana University and graduated with her bachelor's degree in Neuroscience.  She is originally from Bloomington, Indiana and that is where she still calls home.

Sarah experience with AHEC scholars program thus far has been very eye opening.  She stated "Much of the content has been related to things I have been exposed to in the past, but with a new perspective.  For example, I attended a Youth Mental Health First Aid Course organized by AHEC.  I have taken several advanced mental health first aid courses mostly through the military and I am familiar with reaching out to people who are experiencing crisis.  I had not considered how providing the same care might look very different when dealing with persons younger than myself.  It was helpful to gain awareness of actions or words that may be counterproductive when attempting to help youth due to the way in which they perceive an older individual and how that differs from their peers."

Q & A with Sarah

What led you to a career in healthcare?

I decided to pursue medicine following an experience I had in Afghanistan.  The short version is that a female medic, my interpreter, and myself were trying to provide care to women in a remote village who are unlikely to have access to care.  I became frustrated by my limited knowledge and subsequent inability to help these women who deserved care so I decided I would find a way to gain that knowledge.

What was your first experience with AHEC?

My first experience with AHEC was when representatives came to our class to let us know more about AHEC including their purpose and future goals.

Why should students apply for the AHEC Scholars Program?

I think this program provides information that all individuals can carry forward into their careers whether they end up in a healthcare field or not.  Partricipation allows another avenue to expand empathy and understanding for groups which you may not have much interaction with right now.  Opportunities to participate in this type of program become rarer as you advance in life and career, so it is worth it to take advantage of them as they are presented.

Anything else you want to add?

I love having dance parties with my kids (8 and 3) and my husband.  There is nothing better than starting the day dancing and laughing with them.